Out-of-class opportunities enrich student life and create environment for student multi-faceted development and qualitative time away from studies. Browse available opportunities below!
Become Student Representative and be a vital node between students and University administration.
Student Union is an elected board of students who represent student voice and strives to improve their well-being.
If you want to become a volunteer just enter Innopoints website and browse available volunteering opportunities.
Academic tutors help students to improve their academic performance by providing free extra classes.
Fellowship program aims to help new international students to integrate in a new culture and become part of our community.
IU Ambassadors
Become an IU ambassador and share your experience with pupils from your and other schools.
Find out more about available academic exchange opportunities that will give you an unforgettable study abroad experience.
Do you have an idea? Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Get in touch with IU startup studio and see how they can help.
Innopolis University offers an opportunity for students to help pupils to grasp knowledge in math and programming!
Be the one who conducts group excursions and presents Innopolis University to our tourists and visitors!
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