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Freshers' Handbook
Handbook contains all important information about life at Innopolis University: administrative points, academic nuances, household issues, extracurricular opportunities, migration control matters, internship options, etc.
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Adaptation program for your first steps at Innopolis University
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Student Clubs
Our clubs are crucial to student community formation in Innopolis. Such societies help students to gain additional experience, make new friends and have fantastic time at the campus while studying at Innopolis University!
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Events at IU
Our students regularly organize numerous events of different scale. These events include hackathons, competitions, poetic nights, futsal tournaments, snowball fights and much more! And you can be the one who can give life to your own event!
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There's a lot more besides studies at IU. We are trying to create an environment for multi-faceted development, where students can fulfill their needs, feel part of one big family and have unforgettable time on campus. Check out where you can get involved!
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